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Save Music

Grey Tuesday

Hundreds of websites have joined to protest EMI demanding The Grey Album by DJ Danger Mouse and are posting mp3's today. The Grey Album is a remix of Jay-Z's "The Black Album" and the Beatles "The White Album" I've yet to hear it and my opinion of Jay-Z's music is not high, but I respect the sites that are putting their asses on the line to try and do their part to free us music lovers and music makers from the corporate tyranny that is the music industy.

Downhill Battle

Directly from this site:
"Most people don't know it, but when you pay for major label music you're supporting some pretty nasty stuff. We think it boils down to two main points:
1) The major labels pay radio stations to play their songs. This is sketchy in itself--shouldn't the music on the radio just be the best stuff? But the worst part is it means other labels are locked out of radio. If musicians don't sign an exploitative contract with one of the majors, they don't get on the radio.
2) This fall the major labels starting suing fans. So far, they've sued over 300 people, mostly working families <../defense/> with young children. And they say the suits will continue indefinitely. Whatever you think about filesharing, it's just not okay for giant corporations to sue people with kids, living paycheck to paycheck, who can't afford a defense. The lawsuits are literally pushing families into bankruptcy. "

I encourage you all to join the battle these guys are fighting. Don't support the RIAA. Ever. For reasons stated above and for others. This is all about big business, the music industry in particular and its ability to manipulate societal trends so they can not only predict what comes next but create it, making resistance futile for any band that wants to pay the bills. This is not marketing, it's brainwashing.
Use this site to find out if a cd you want is supporting RIAA affiliated labels. If it is, burn it. If not BUY IT.

Show them that music as a whole is all of ours and they can't control us anymore. AND SUPPORT BANDS AND LABELS WHO DON'T SUPPORT THE RIAA.
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Families who can't afford the risk of a lawsuit shouldn't download music illegally. I wouldn't cry if I got a speeding ticket. People know they're doing something illegal and are getting caught, too bad.

Other than that yeah support music that isn't RIAA affiliated and other independent labels, sure, but also don't infringe on someone's property rights just because you don't like them.

Sir Andrew James Tosh, III
Also, Concertina is a good song :)