household: nuking fleas with laundry soap and bare skin
02:06pm 23/10/2005
  I just went into the back yard. Twice. Nude. Right before a shower, as usual.

The back yard here is known to be absolutely covered in fleas. Walk through, just once, and the little black critters will be all over your shoes, socks, feet, whatever is near the ground, walking upward.

A few days ago I made it to Safeway and Rite-Aid, bought coffee for Michael and Borax for the back yard. Per instructions on a Canadian flea control website I sprinkled the Borax on the ground with a seed spreader. Michael happened to come home that evening. He wasn't sociable but it was good to have coffee around.

The following day I sprinkled the Borax on the ground, with a followup yesterday. I found the dog trapped in the garage, let him out and gave him food and water, both of which he finished overnight.

The dog needs food but usually when I feed him I get a leg full of fleas. The pattern has become to feed the dog, strip on the way back in, throw the clothes in the washer and the body in the shower.

Today: no clothes, no fleas, no wash load. Happier dog, happier human. I'm off to shower anyway because, well, I saved that for after the trip to the back yard.

Next flea project: the garage.

If only I could sprinkle Borax on Gwendolyn Cook and make her go away. Picture the slug in Meet The Feebles after being asked to test the coke, dissolving into a puddle of bubbling goo on the floor.
07:00pm 09/11/2004
  i want to speak to you with arms wide open
but my words are scatterd in my head.
06:57am 11/09/2004
mood: sarcastic
You left me a comment and I gave you the emptiness of my imagined gaze. Life is unfair, especially when you play it as a game. Though this isn't life. It isn't even a dream. It's nothing but energy on a screen.

Or is it?
03:38pm 28/08/2004
  I'm a faceless depression against the clouds.  
near 610 and ballerinas remain overripe
09:54am 28/08/2004
mood: amused
near 610 and ballerinas remain overripe.When dust bunny of is vaporized, industrial complex inside write a love letter to near wedding dress.blithe spirit beyond dilettante, living with industrial complex, and apartment building of senator are what made America great!impresario near hibernates, but pit viper beyond guardian angel make a truce with reactor for chestnut.Indeed, eggplant for ignore support group beyond dilettante.
   -- Yolanda Goodman at
11:54am 08/08/2004
11:08am 31/07/2004
  i dont know if this will actually work, but ya never know...
07:04pm 11/07/2004
  You have suffered more than I will ever know or can imagine.
How does that make us different?
How does that make one more deserving of fair play than the other?
I can’t share in the flames of your horrors.
I can only douse them with my love and if that is not enough…
then I shall throw myself upon them, smother them with what I am.
I will either burn in their hell or rise smoldering yet alive from the
effort, succeeding hopefully in making you believe that I love you.
VHS Yearbook (class of '89) hahaha
06:38pm 28/05/2004
mood: indifferent
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malicious art still imitates life
12:13pm 20/05/2004
  Windows worm quotes real personal ads:

"I am kind, fair, careful, gentle also want to create family. I love animal (cats, dogs), the literature, theatre, cinema, music, walks in park ." says the worm, documented (here) by TrendMicro.

The same text, word for word, appears in the profile of a russian woman looking for offshore marriage: (Tatiana)
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wonderful! spam!
10:19am 30/04/2004
  Jeff Lester - 2004-03-11 13:52:00
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05:07pm 22/03/2004
mood: irritated
My schedule for the fall:

Calc III
Comp. Sci. for engineers
Materials Sci.
Intro. to mechanics

Slapdash is for sissies. Methodinmadness rules all!
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06:46pm 21/03/2004
mood: sick
post anything your little heart desires |
your secret loves and obsessions . recipes . a shirt you’ve altered . mail you’re sending . art you’ve created . photographs . how-to guides . your address and a penpal request . questions and answers . facts about yourself . rants . your to do list . a zine ad .

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07:52am 13/03/2004
  Imagine the stale taste of lips on yours. The fetid breath of gasses filling your lungs.

Imagine the dull light of eyes shrouded in an obscure fog of fathomless depths, at its center lies a darkness that consumes every bit of brilliance it sees. A blackhole whore it is, damned to be voracious and insatiable.

Imagine flesh so soft yet malodorless... beautiful yet gagging in close proximity. How can something so sensuous be so nauseating?

Imagine pain the only expression of your will. Where the screams are your name. Your tears the only evidence that you dared live.

Imagine a fire that burns between all things. No warmth it gives beyond the cohesion of its flames. And waves upon waves of these frequencies wash over us like tides upon barren shores, where the sound of breath is lost to the rhythm of the tides.

Imagine that I don't believe in me as much as I believe in you. For in you I live and believing in me you are.
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05:29am 05/03/2004
  I would rather hold and taste your warmth across my body, rocking you to sleep.  
05:10am 05/03/2004
  It's not easy being flesh when all it wants to do is die.  
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11:30pm 25/02/2004  
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Save Music
03:49pm 24/02/2004
  Grey Tuesday

Hundreds of websites have joined to protest EMI demanding The Grey Album by DJ Danger Mouse and are posting mp3's today. The Grey Album is a remix of Jay-Z's "The Black Album" and the Beatles "The White Album" I've yet to hear it and my opinion of Jay-Z's music is not high, but I respect the sites that are putting their asses on the line to try and do their part to free us music lovers and music makers from the corporate tyranny that is the music industy.

Downhill Battle

Directly from this site:
"Most people don't know it, but when you pay for major label music you're supporting some pretty nasty stuff. We think it boils down to two main points:
1) The major labels pay radio stations to play their songs. This is sketchy in itself--shouldn't the music on the radio just be the best stuff? But the worst part is it means other labels are locked out of radio. If musicians don't sign an exploitative contract with one of the majors, they don't get on the radio.
2) This fall the major labels starting suing fans. So far, they've sued over 300 people, mostly working families <../defense/> with young children. And they say the suits will continue indefinitely. Whatever you think about filesharing, it's just not okay for giant corporations to sue people with kids, living paycheck to paycheck, who can't afford a defense. The lawsuits are literally pushing families into bankruptcy. "

I encourage you all to join the battle these guys are fighting. Don't support the RIAA. Ever. For reasons stated above and for others. This is all about big business, the music industry in particular and its ability to manipulate societal trends so they can not only predict what comes next but create it, making resistance futile for any band that wants to pay the bills. This is not marketing, it's brainwashing.
Use this site to find out if a cd you want is supporting RIAA affiliated labels. If it is, burn it. If not BUY IT.

Show them that music as a whole is all of ours and they can't control us anymore. AND SUPPORT BANDS AND LABELS WHO DON'T SUPPORT THE RIAA.
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09:23pm 06/02/2004
mood: bored
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Blind Date, wrestling with extremity, hiding the masses
06:58pm 15/01/2004
Typical, average spam. Too bad the "To" line named a woman who really dislikes me.A Friend of Yours set you up on a date with another Friend.

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... and here's where it gets weirdorder the hide the surprise she felt. 'well, you have escaped this which with both hands he clasped, wrestling with extremity, till the rage word--and lay in heaped piles that hid the masses of the adjacent all that night the hyena sat up, fearing lest the jackal should reach