D. (_duncan) wrote in methodinmadness,

wonderful! spam!

Jeff Lester - 2004-03-11 13:52:00
Dear sirs- Spam has had an enormous impact on the length, thickness, and firmness of my erections. I also now make thousands of dollars a week from home in my spare time. My mortgage interest rate is lower than it has been in over 40 years. I have satisfied my desire to make a difference in the world by sending $30 to the 5 people whose names are above mine on the list, and there are barely legal busty babes all over the country who want to fellate my longer thicker firmer penile erections. I feel very blessed to receive the spam that I do, and I hope that everyone gets to experience the richness which it has added to my life. Sincerely - Jeff Lester
from http://www.spamsucks.us/
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