urnightmare (urnightmare) wrote in methodinmadness,

Imagine the stale taste of lips on yours. The fetid breath of gasses filling your lungs.

Imagine the dull light of eyes shrouded in an obscure fog of fathomless depths, at its center lies a darkness that consumes every bit of brilliance it sees. A blackhole whore it is, damned to be voracious and insatiable.

Imagine flesh so soft yet malodorless... beautiful yet gagging in close proximity. How can something so sensuous be so nauseating?

Imagine pain the only expression of your will. Where the screams are your name. Your tears the only evidence that you dared live.

Imagine a fire that burns between all things. No warmth it gives beyond the cohesion of its flames. And waves upon waves of these frequencies wash over us like tides upon barren shores, where the sound of breath is lost to the rhythm of the tides.

Imagine that I don't believe in me as much as I believe in you. For in you I live and believing in me you are.
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