D. (_duncan) wrote in methodinmadness,

Blind Date, wrestling with extremity, hiding the masses

Typical, average spam. Too bad the "To" line named a woman who really dislikes me.A Friend of Yours set you up on a date with another Friend.

Click here to accept the invite:
[coded URL removed]

A Dating Site Created By Women.
Women Subscribe Free of Charge.
Over 100,000 People To Choose From.

Click Here To Decline And Block This Invite:
[coded URL removed]

... and here's where it gets weirdorder the hide the surprise she felt. 'well, you have escaped this which with both hands he clasped, wrestling with extremity, till the rage word--and lay in heaped piles that hid the masses of the adjacent all that night the hyena sat up, fearing lest the jackal should reach
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